Contractor Suspension and Debarment

Contractor Suspension & Debarment

The number of suspended and debarred contractors has been increasing yearly with increased government spending and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. Suspension and debarment by the Federal government is serious and for many contractors a short or long term exclusion from participation in federal contracts can be devastating and can frequently put the contractor out of business.

Administrative Agreements

New enforcement methods such as “Administrative Agreements” are being proposed to help make suspension and debarments fair for both the Government and contractor. Under this type of agreement, the Government agency will rehabilitate the contractor through remedial administrative measures rather than disqualify the contractor. This allows the Government an opportunity to assess and influence a company’s corporate ethical climate and require the contractor to enter into a written agreement to establish and maintain standards of conduct and internal control systems.

At Landon & Rian Enterprises, Inc., we focus on helping understaffed Government agencies and contractors ensure the Administrative Agreement agreed to by both parties is efficiently evaluated and monitored.

Monitoring Services

L&R has provided Administrative Agreement Monitoring to the Federal Highway Administration – South Carolina (FHWA- SC) and is implementing the following services:

  • Monitoring the Implementation of a Code of Ethics & Corporate Compliance Program
  • Site Visits & Evaluation of DBE Commercially Useful Function (CUF)
  • Documentation Review
    • Code of Ethics
    • Compliance Program
      • Good Faith Efforts
      • Contract Agreements
      • Certified Payroll & Monthly DBE Payment Invoices
      • Quarterly Reports/Truck Reports
      • Payment Verification (DBE)
  • Quarterly Monitoring Reports
    • Detailed report detailing findings and recommendations.
    • Commercially Useful Function (CUF) Reports
    • Reports submitted directly to Federal Highway Administration (State Division)
Member of the American Contract Compliance Association