Hewitt Hall Renovation

Client: Oswego, State University of New York
Oswego, New York

Completion Date: 2025 (Currently Ongoing)

Project Role: MWBE &EEO Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Project Value: $65M (Two-Phases)

Description: The renovation of Hewitt Hall will provide 132,285 sq. ft. of innovative teaching spaces, new space for the college’s renowned broadcasting and graphic design programs, and new rooms for classes, labs, events, and activities for the media arts programs through the School of Communication, Media and the Arts (SCMA) over two phases of work.

Landon & Rian Enterprises, Inc. (L & R) is providing onsite Project Engineering as part of the Construction Management team and MWBE & EEO Compliance Monitoring & Reporting services on both the pre-bid (Outreach) and the construction phases of this renovation project. Landon & Rian Enterprises, Inc. is monitoring the diversity program based on New York State’s Article 15-A, which is required to be followed in the funding of this project for SUNY Oswego. The onsite project engineer is providing the onsite reviewing of EEO participation and the commercially useful function (CUF) reviews of MWBE subcontractors. MWBE payments, proof of payments and EEO certified hours are being supplied by the single Prime Contractor to L & R. The information is then put into a compliance report and provided to the NYS Construction Fund’s opportunity group on a monthly basis.