Marshall Hall Renovation

Client: College of Environmental Science & Forestry (ESF), State University New York
Syracuse, New York

Completion Date: June 2023 (Currently Ongoing)

Project Role: MWBE & EEO Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Project Value: $35M

Description: Marshall Hall was built in 1933 and had not undergone any significant renovations in over 40 years. Work of this single-bid project consists of abatement/demolition and build-out of the interior of the existing 93,000 sq. ft. building.

Landon & Rian Enterprises, Inc. (L & R) is providing MWBE & EEO Compliance Monitoring & Reporting professional services during the construction phase of the project. These services will ensure the approved MWBE Utilization Plan follows the New York State (NYS) Article-15A diversity participation requirements. Landon & Rian is monitoring the MWBE diversity program on the construction project which includes the installation of a new stair and elevator tower addition on the west end of the building, new HVAC systems, electrical distribution, sprinklers, fire alarms, interior finishes, updated windows, and skylights. The compliance team will be onsite reviewing EEO participation, along with performing commercially useful function (CUF) reviews of MWBE subcontractors. This information will be collected along with MWBE payments, proof of payments and EEO certified hours. The information is then put into a compliance report and provided to NYS Construction Fund’s opportunity group on a monthly basis.