Syracuse City School District

Client: City of Syracuse/Joint School Construction Board

Completion Date: 2016

Project Role: Independent WMBE & EEO Outreach & Compliance Monitoring

Project Value: $138M

Description: The project provided extensive renovation work on four (4) schools in the Syracuse City School District and included Program Manager, (4) Architects and (15) Prime Contractors. The Phase 1 schools includes Fowler High School – $50M, Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central – $31M, Smith School – $28M, and Dr. Weeks Elementary School – $29M. The various renovations updated classrooms and corridors by providing updated HVAC systems, replacement doors, new windows, plumbing systems, ceilings, lighting, new roofs and new walls. These major renovations were the first for the school district since 2002. The Diversity Plan included goals for Business Participation of MBE 9%/WBE 6% and Workforce Participation of Minority 10%/Female 10%.

As part of Landon & Rian’s (L & R) preconstruction services, L & R developed a diversity plan for the Syracuse City School District construction project providing specific objectives to implement allowing the project to accomplish the City of Syracuse MWBE & EEO goals and compliance with the established Project Labor Agreement (PLA). L & R assisted the Syracuse City School District with the development of the Diversity Plan’s MWBE business participation and Minority/Female workforce goals for the project, which included outreach to the local community/unions with (2) Matchmaker Events and (2) PLA Informational Events to MWBE Union contractors.

During the construction of Phase 1, L & R oversaw the MWBE & EEO compliance monitoring program and assisted the City of Syracuse in resolving MWBE compliance disputes and complaints. L & R provided monitoring, tracking and reporting of both the professional services (Program Manager & Architects) and construction services (General Contractors and MEP Contractors).

Project Highlights:

MWBE Goals: Business Participation: MBE Goals: 9%; MBE: 12.65% (Actual)

WBE Goals: 6%; WBE: 11.35% (Actual)

EEO Goals: Workforce Participation: Minority Goal: 10%; M: 12.66% (Actual)

Female Goal: 10%; F: 11.35% (Actual)