M/W/DBE/SDVOB & EEO Compliance

Our Independent Compliance Officers assist our clients with meeting their overall federal and state diversity goals. By monitoring contract diversity spending, we create an up-to-date and accurate account of percentages towards each goal. We ensure our clients are in compliance with their diversity and (EEO) Equal Employment Opportunity Goals by utilizing state-of-the-art compliance software combined with over 26 years of real on-site project experience.  Read more…

Construction Management Support Services

Our network of construction management support service professionals comes highly recommended by our large government, federal, and state clients. They possess years of experience in varying functional industries such as health care, schools, and municipal buildings. In addition to our experts, as a certified New York State MBE, we bring additional value by helping you reach your MBE/WBE goals.  Read more…

Safety Monitoring

Our safety advisors navigate through the complex reports and forms required to adhere to both company and government rules and regulations. They bring their monitoring experience and knowledge from large multi-million dollar jobs to help ensure a safe working environment. Read More…

Contractor Suspension and Debarment

The number of suspended and debarred contractors has been increasing yearly with increased government spending and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. Suspension and debarment by the Federal government are serious and for many contractors, a short or long-term exclusion from participation in federal contracts can be devastating. It can frequently put the contractor out of business.

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